There is no morning-after pill for internet idiocy

I don’t really have time to elaborate, but the title of this post came out of my mouth today in a conversation about online behavioural standards. We were talking about youthful indiscretions (not mine), digital cameras (not mine), and online social networks (not mine), and the combination of which can be embarrassing and/or incriminating. As you can guess from the “not mine” declarations, we were talking in abstract terms, of course.

I’ll repeat the phrase to satisfy my ego. It wants me to win a round of the great internet catchphrase generation game, and this is one statement of the obvious I haven’t seen before: There is no morning-after pill for internet idiocy.

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Cleaning and Muppets

Today was a national holiday called Marine Day. We spent the day cleaning our apartments, moving furniture between them, packing, and worrying about airline weight limits. We started around 8 this morning, and stopped at around 11 tonight, with brief intermissions to feed and rest. Though we haven’t really stopped with the worrying.

In the late afternoon, one of Jarrod’s classmates set up—with their drums, cymbals and flutes—in the park across the street with a couple of other kids. They must’ve practiced for two hours. It was quite something, especially with the hyperactive acoustics of the bare concrete buildings we live in and around. They gradually got better, but we were sure glad when they stopped.

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Avast Ye Scurvy Dogs! Prepare To Be Exercise

This is something I found on the blog of an acquaintance in Japan. I feel a bit strange posting but, but as it was online already and I haven’t given a link—you’ll have to go looking on your own if it’s that important—so I don’t feel strange enough to not post it. I could almost imagine having this conversation, except that as far as I know, my sister doesn’t have the issues discussed in the quote, and my mom’s English is much, much better.

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Canada-US Border Hijinks

I’m not sure how long this will be online, but I found an interesting juxtaposition of headlines on the Globe and Mail web site. (For those of you unfamiliar with Canadian news media, the Globe and Mail is one of Canada’s national newspapers.) It made me wonder about what really goes on in editors’ minds, if anything.

If I’m reading lines between today’s news stories properly, there are some strange goings-on at the Canada-US border.

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13 Ways to Find My Blog

Today I wrote about time, but what I’d thought would be a short post has grown to over 1200 words so far. It’s in need of some major editing so I’m going to file it and take another look at it in a few days. Meanwhile, just when you thought statistics were boring, I’m going to demonstrate that they don’t have to be that way. As with most things, it’s all about how you choose to interpret them.

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The Book Stops Here

I generally try to avoid these internet meme things but I’ll do this one about books and reading. Lia tagged me on this post. As you’ll soon see, I’ve got my own interpretation of the questions.

Number of books I own: I don’t know. I’ve never counted. I don’t think I’ll bother. For one thing, I’m not sure whether all of the audio books, ebooks, and such count. Especially since in some of those cases, it’s more a matter of being a licensee than an owner. I’d hazard a guess that the total is more than a few dozen and less than ten thousand.

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More Tinkering, Plus Battle Robots

There’s been a lot of family blog work this week. Namely, Lia has a new blog and after seeing what it looks like, Jarrod decided that he wanted a new look to his site. Now I have no excuse not to finally spend some time making mine look a bit more like something that I’d make, rather than the default that comes with WordPress. For those of you keeping score, WordPress is the blogging software that does the heavy lifting to run our blogs.

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Odds & Ends

I don’t intend to turn this blog into a daily list of links, but today I’ve got a random assortment of stuff, some of which can’t wait until I get time to write a full post about it, some of which has been hanging around waiting for me to get around to write about. And some stuff which doesn’t deserve its own post. But I’ll let you guess which ones are which. It’s basically a whole bunch of random that I’ve somehow managed to connect together. Food, technology, courtship & marriage, and more!

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sushiPod Shuffle Again

I’ve been getting a lot of traffic from Mike Davidson’s “meatspace shuffle” pages. If you’re a first-time visitor looking for more pictures of the sushiPod Shuffle I made for the contest, welcome! The pictures are here. If you want to know more about me and my blog, visit the about page. And since you’re here, you might want to check out the Lost in Translation posts—they’re chock full of Engrish—or Strange, which is… well, strange. And there are tons of photos of Japan, if you’re into that.

If you’re one of my regular readers, please note that I’ve set this post to stay at the top of the page for the time being. If you usually come to the main page to see what’s new, you’ll have to scroll down a bit to see the latest posts. Once traffic gets back to normal I’ll refile this post in its rightful chronological place.