8 Bodies in 12 Years: Images and Sculptures 1994-2006

8 Bodies in 12 Years: Images and Sculptures 1994-2006 is a retrospective portfolio of my artwork that I compiled in 2006 while I was living in England. It covers every significant body of work in my fine art practice for the 12-year period: early acrylic-on-panel paintings and my later painted wood assemblages, as well as all of my digital series, including my 2005-2006 series Encounters. Also included is Crossroads, my installation of large free-standing wooden figures from 2002.

This version of “8 Bodies” contains the exact same text and images as the first print edition. I haven’t made any changes to the text, and aside from the page-to-page navigation have not made any hyperlinks within or between the essays. I have made a few changes to the way the images are displayed. Most of these changes consist of me moving illustrations closer to where they are referenced in the text.

I printed the first edition myself in extremely limited quantities while in England. The format was single-sided on A4 paper, and weighed in at approximately 50 pages. If there is sufficient demand I will consider making a PDF of the first edition available for download. I am also looking into options for publishing the book for wider distribution.

Here is the cover image from the first edition:

Encounters: 39 by Ed Pas

Encounters: 39 (2006)
Digital media, variable size (2.35:1 aspect ratio)


Artist Statement
Encounters (2005-2005): Introduction

Paintings (1994-1997)
Pyramid Suite (1996-1997)
Conversations (1997)
Lunar Threads (1997-1998)
Ghost Trees (2001-2002)
Painted Wood Assemblages (1998-2002)
Crossroads (2002)

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  1. Hi Ed

    I’m currently in Hawaii, and it’s fantastically warm and relaxing.

    Our house has WiFi, so I’m laptop-chained a few times a day (it’s making the thrice daily trips to Starbucks tax-deductible if I work while we’re here).

    Anyway, I stumbled into this page and I want a PDF copy of this book! I’ll pay or trade you for it, (I can give you my last four records in mp3-album format).

    Let me know, and love to Lia and Jarrod too!


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