Incidentals 2

This is a followup to my first Incidentals series from early 2008. I’m still working on more images on this series, but here are the first six.

The lighthearted quirkiness continues. I’ve integrated some of techniques and ideas from Husk and Transit and Transience. As well, there are two images that go together as a pair, and a trio. This deliberate effort to make sets of images follows the semi-intentional sets from Incidentals Series 1, such as the various slugdog images, and the groups of skulls/disembodied heads.

Each print is 5.5″ square and printed in an edition of 5 (plus one artist proof of each image).

If you’re in Saskatoon, they are available at Darrell Bell Gallery for only $135 each (framed).

Collectors outside of Saskatoon interested in purchasing one or more of these prints can contact me directly.