Portfolio to 2009

This portfolio covers the first period of my art career. It spans the time from when I finished art school in 1992 until my last significant bodies of work around 2009. Around 2012 I decided to retire from art making as a profession (and also didn’t make much as a hobby), and returned to active practice in late 2021. [This note added in March 2023.]

Artist Statement

My work is about beauty, enchantment, and mystery, and is guided by the belief that art should transcend the mundane. Continue reading


Flight is a series of sixteen digital images exhibited for the first time at Mysteria Gallery in Regina (July 8 to September 5, 2009) as part of my solo exhibition Crossroads and Flight. Continue reading

Incidentals 2

This is a followup to my first Incidentals series from early 2008. I’m still working on more images on this series, but here are the first six. Continue reading

Transit and Transience

Transit and Transience is a series of digital images that explore the idea of humanity in motion. In some cases this is meant literally, such as crowds of people gathering, in migration, or otherwise moving from one place to another. Other images are metaphorical, evoking life transitions such as birth, death, and celebration. Continue reading


Husk is a chapbook I created in collaboration with Lia Pas, and published by JackPine Press in 2008. Continue reading


A series of sixteen small, quirky, and fun digital drawings from 2007-2008. Continue reading


Image gallery of the forty-eight images in my fifth digital series, Encounters, which I completed in England from fall 2005 through spring 2006. Continue reading


Image gallery of Crossroads, my installation of large-scale freestanding figures completed in 2002. Continue reading

The Meeting Place

Image gallery of The Meeting Place, my group of small freestanding figures completed in 2002. Continue reading

Painted Wood Assemblages

Image gallery of my carved and painted wood assemblages, completed from 1999-2002. Continue reading

Ghost Trees

Image gallery of my fourth digital series, Ghost Trees, completed from 2000-2001. Continue reading

Painted Relief Carvings

Image gallery of my painted wood relief carvings, completed from 1998-2000. Continue reading

Lunar Threads

Image gallery of my third digital series, Lunar Threads, completed from 1997-1998. Continue reading


Conversations was my second series of digital work. Work on these 6 images began almost immediately after Pyramid Suite. As with Pyramid Suite, I created the work in Adobe Illustrator from ink-on-paper sketches. For more background information about this body … Continue reading

Pyramid Suite

Image gallery of my first digital series, Pyramid Suite, from 1996-1997. Continue reading

Early Paintings

Image gallery of my small acrylic-on-panel paintings from 1994-1997. Continue reading