Site Information

This site is run on the WordPress blogging engine. The current theme is a slightly modified version of Twenty Eleven.

The previous design started out as a heavily-modified version of Patricia Müller’s Connections theme. I liked the layout and the colour scheme, but I wasn’t crazy about the motoring theme. As well, I wanted a 3-column layout for my main blog page—so that I could show things like recent comments, login info, and so on—and a 2-column layout for the individual pages. In the 2-column layout I didn’t want all of the extra information.

Much later I integrated a number of ideas and code snippets from Ajay d’Souza’s Connections Reloaded which is itself a customizaton of Connections. But because I had already customized the original theme so much, I had to integrate these revisions manually.

I built the site myself, with a good dose of trial-and-error and copious help from online documentation. From 1999 until fall 2016 my sites were hosted by WestHost. Since September 2016 the site is on Dreamhost.

The web galleries in my portfolio are loosely based on a concept and code by Ben Long of Complete Digital Photography. Code to watermark hotlinked images is based on code by Patrick Benny. As of the September 2016 site migration, some of the gallery and watermark stuff is broken.

Photo Credits

Most of the photos of my physical art works are by Grant Kernan of AK Photos. Formerly based in Saskatoon, Grant is now somewhere on the west coast of Canada. Other photos are physical art work are by Zach Hauser. The photo of me is by Jan Henrikson. Unless otherwise noted, all of the photos in my journal are by me.