photo of Ed PasAs of March 2023, sections of this page are out-of-date as I think I wrote it around 2006. The photo is from around 2003, when I was in my early thirties. I haven’t updated it mostly out of laziness (even in this age of easy selfies!). It has nothing to do with vanity and the fact that I’m over 50 now and starting to look like an old man.

I am a Canadian visual artist. I originally trained as a printmaker but now work in a variety of media. Most recently I have concentrated on digital work, in a practice that is strongly based in drawing. While my ethnic background does not form a core part of my ideology, my Chinese and Flemish roots are not without a subtle measure of influence on my art practice.

My work explores beauty, enchantment, and mystery, and is motivated by a desire to create art that transcends the mundane. In my work I am primarily concerned with the evocation and expression of relationships, creating mysterious environments populated with combinations of stylized human and humanoid beings, animals and other creatures, as well as plants, the elements, and enigmatic phenomena.

I have exhibited in my home province of Saskatchewan, Canada in both group and solo shows, as well as a few venues further afield. However, prior to 2006 I concentrated primarily on creating work rather than exhibiting. I have received grants from the Saskatchewan Arts Board and the Saskatchewan Craft Council, and have served on the boards of AKA Gallery in Saskatoon and CARFAC Saskatchewan Visual Artists. My curriculum vitae has more details of my accomplishments and activities.

In addition to my visual arts practice I was a founding member and violinist with the sonic improvisation group DUCT, which was formed in 1990. I performed with DUCT until 1992 and after a hiatus induced by extreme geographical distance returned to the group from 1994-1999. DUCT released two sound recordings, of which I can be heard on the CD Galvanized released by Underwhich Editions in 1999.

From 1994 to 2003 I made my living as a graphic designer and/or a prepress technician. In 2003 I moved to Japan to work as an English teacher on a two-year “sabbatical” from design work. While I was in Japan I was an Assistant Language Teacher with the JET Programme, teaching at Yahata Senior High School in Kitakyushu City, Fukuoka Prefecture. Following a two-month stay in Canada after Japan, I spent a year in England while my wife pursued graduate studies. In England I focussed almost exclusively on my art practice, creating a new body of work titled Encounters (image gallery, essay & production notes), as well as writing a collection of essays about my work (13 1/2 Essays on Practice) and a retrospective portfolio of my work (8 Bodies in 12 Years: Images and Sculptures 1994-2006). Other hats I have worn include web developer, illustrator, prepress technician, computer geek, writer, and editor. I have never been a human cannonball. Nor have I ever eaten an entire durian in one sitting. In fact I’ve never eaten a whole durian, ever.

In the fall of 2006 I returned to Canada with my wife Lia Pas and our son Jarrod. We now live in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan without any pets, though we’ve had cats, fish, a turtle, and various insects at various times.

Spiral Dragon Art & Design ( is my website from when I was a freelance designer. The galleries of my artwork are still online, though almost all of that content is now included in my portfolio. My design portfolio is no longer online. Because I am pursuing my art career full-time, I am not actively pursuing design work at present. However, if you have a project that you think might suit my skills, please do not hesitate to contact me.

My wife, Lia Pas, is a multi-talented creatrix active in music, writing, theatre, and other creative areas. Her website can be found at

Lia and Ed helped their son Jarrod start his blog as a literacy project when they lived in Japan. He hasn’t updated it lately, but you can see pictures of some of his Lego creations, find out what he thinks about Yu-Gi-Oh, and read some of his stories:

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