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Last month I stumbled by chance upon Mike Davidson’s web site. I don’t know who he is beyond what’s on his bio there—he’s a web designer/developer guy—but he’s running a monthly iPod Shuffle contest. The contest for April was to make a “meatspace shuffle.” That is, make something that looks like an iPod Shuffle entirely out of food.

I couldn’t resist.

The contest closed last night and the competition is pretty stiff, so we’ll see what happens. Those of you who are paying close attention *cough* Amy *cough* will note that I’ve waited until after the contest deadline to write about it here, thus reducing the competition. You can check out the submissions on the contest page. Be warned that that page has a lot of images on it so if you have a slow connection you might want to go rummage around in the fridge or otherwise occupy yourself with something more useful while you’re waiting.

Or you could simply open the contest page in a new window and continue reading here, since without further rambling I present the original sushiPod Shuffle by Ed Pas.

Let’s begin with the spy satellite point of view photo that I submitted to the contest. The only evidence of WMDs is that green smear of wasabi of mass decongestion.
sushipod shuffle by Ed Pas, satellite view

Holding pattern at an elevation of 127,000 micrometers:
sushipod shuffle by Ed Pas, re-entry view

Finally, here we are, on final approach as we come in for a landing:
sushipod shuffle by Ed Pas, runway approach view

I like the middle photo the best. It didn’t conform to the contest image size guidelines so I sent in the first one.

What’s the sushiPod Shuffle made from?

  • squid
  • sushi rice
  • wasabi
  • black sesame
  • mayonnaise
  • pickled ginger
  • bamboo leaf (for garnish)

To continue the aerospace theme, I figure that with the amount of wasabi I’ve used, the operative phrase is blast off! And before anyone asks, yes I did assemble it myself, but parts of it came in a kit.

7 thoughts on “sushiPod Shuffle

  1. You realize of course, that I’m going to have to write about the various Pat pictures now, don’t you?

  2. I especially love the clever use of sesame seeds and ginger. It’s definitely the best one in the contest.

  3. Thanks for the compliments. I kinda like the one made out of crisco and poppy seeds one. And not because of the poppy seeds. My original plan was to make a couple of miniature brands out of wire, and then heat them to burn in the controls. But as usual I left things to the last minute and had to make alternate plans.

  4. Update: I didn’t win. We were all beaten by the banana-and-spaghetti model. I’m not terribly disappointed, since I entered more for my own amusement than to win, and the contest judging was totally arbitrary. You can read the judge’s comments here.

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