Searching For Some Things

It’s search results time again. Today I’ve selected my favourite searches that have directed people to this blog. Unlike the last time I did this back in June, I’m not going to post links or commentary on the individual search phrases. You can draw your own conclusions from the list.

Note, however, that I’ve left out the more pedestrian searches for such things as “bobblehead world,” “yabusame,” “picture of rural japan,” and “high voltage sign.” There were also various iterations of searches for Philip Glass, with excerpts of the Samuel Johnson’s text for Knee Play 5 from Einstein on the Beach, and a motley assortment of people looking for information about shoes, fashion, and some of the brand-name stores I’ve mentioned on this blog.

Here’s the list, starting with the most recent, and going back to mid-June. These are all verbatim—phrasing, capitalization, and spelling—from the site logs, which track search results mainly from Yahoo, Google, and MSN Search.

  2. sending heavy parcels
  3. how to show off cleavage
  4. “bare legs” canadian winter
  5. “the man from glad”
  6. NY Brownie pocky
  7. tokyo imported groceries dill
  8. meshback definition
  9. girls armwrestling
  10. “high school fire drills”
  11. tube tops & miniskirts
  12. old louis vuitton magazine ads
  13. Dollandrian Oracle
  14. borscht without beet
  15. Soylent Green Biscuits for sale
  16. “perogies for sale”
  17. cochon clothes Japan
  18. “Everything Pineapple”
  19. bad fashion June 22
  20. udder reduction
  21. how to make barber poles
  22. photos of enjo kosai

Some of them aren’t all that surprising, and some of them made me wonder about the future of humanity. I mean really, “borscht without beet?”