Avast Ye Scurvy Dogs! Prepare To Be Exercise

This is something I found on the blog of an acquaintance in Japan. I feel a bit strange posting but, but as it was online already and I haven’t given a link—you’ll have to go looking on your own if it’s that important—so I don’t feel strange enough to not post it. I could almost imagine having this conversation, except that as far as I know, my sister doesn’t have the issues discussed in the quote, and my mom’s English is much, much better.

here’s an online conversation i am having with my mom now regarding my sister’s weight issue:

Mom: she’s so big
Mom: i think i’m gonna get some exercise dvd and do it together
Mom: like pirate or something
Me:  i dunno if she’ll even do it
Mom: she got bigger arm and tummy than dad
Me: pirate work out?
Mom: yes
Me: lol!!!
Me: they make those??!
Me: yarrrrr and 1,… and 2… and 3…  
Mom: pirate is like yoga but work out more intense around tummy’s
Me: ohhhh…hehh.
Me: lol
Me: pilates
Me: not pirates
Mom: oh

YARRRR. Avast ye scurvy dogs! Less than 65 exercise days left to prepare for International Talk Like a Pirate Day. Somebody better tell Bruno.

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