More Piracy: Fairyland Death Shoes

Here’s something I could’ve posted as a comment or addition to the pirate post from a few days ago. I’ve chosen to give it its own post simply because it’ll make future searching for it easier. Plus, how often do you get to use a title like More Piracy: Fairyland Death Shoes?

What’s the big fuss? It has nothing to do with the the pirate boots that were so popular two winters ago. You know the ones: high heeled leather boots, which which would be knee-length if not for the crumpled leather around the ankles and the wide foldover section at the top. Sorry for the poor description, but I’m going from memory here, and I couldn’t find any photos in my vast and disorganized library.

Nope, no pirate boots. Just a pair of metallic silver slip-ons. Fairlyand brand. With appliqué skull-and-crossbones. Seen in the basement fashion area of Canal City Hakata, next door to the Totoro store. Perfect for the cross-dressing first mate, or the captain’s daughter.

photo of fairyland shoes, with ornamental skulls and crossbones

Only ¥2625 a pair, which includes the rhinestones. Yarrrr! I wonder if Johnny Depp knows?