Retro Writers

If you’ve spent any time in the Saskatchewan writing community, especially if that time was spent up to the point six or eight years ago when the Saskatchewan Writers Guild got a new logo, you’ll enjoy today’s photo.

Those of you who have no idea what I’m talking about need not despair, however. In my utterly biased opinion the photo is still worth looking at, even if you don’t get my regional Canadian corporate identity references.

The photo? it’s of a young man standing on the Hakata train platform, waiting for an early-evening train. It’s 6:41pm on 20 February 2005, which means the train that’s just pulling in is the Kokura-bound express.

young man in SWG bomber jacket, on train platform at Hakata Station

That logo is pretty close to the old Writers Guild (SWG) logo, though there are subtle differences. And I don’t know if the Guild ever made this style of jacket. I wonder what it’s supposed to mean in this context. Whichever organization the jacket is promoting, I love the sideburns. Or whatever that’s called.

Since I’ve brought up the subject of sports jackets, I’ll briefly mention two that I’ve seen—but never been quick enough to photograph—on my daily commute. One is worn by a middle-aged man who looks like a rugby player gone soft. He rides a downhill mountain bike that has a big wire basket on the front, and often wears an ochre-coloured leather jacket proclaiming his affilication with “Macbeth Sports Club” in navy script. The other guy? I’ve only seen him once, but I seem to recall him wearing a lilac or pastel blue windbreaker with the initials “C.U.N.T.” on the breast pocket. Yeah. A breast pocket on a windbreaker. The fashion police have evidently given up patrolling the eastern reaches of Yahata Ward.