Restoration and Upgrade

I’m going to overhaul this site over the coming weeks. I want to more appropriately reflect my planned change in focus from a photographically-centred journal about my life in Japan to a site that is primarily about my professional arts practice.

As a warm-up I decided to try to get the existing site into some semblance of order. To that end I’ve done a bunch of housekeeping, all of which was long overdue. The short version is that I’ve made some cosmetic changes, restored the missing posts from July 2005-July 2006, upgraded the backend software, and changed the web location of the journal. I’ve also committed myself for the foreseeable future to calling this a “journal” rather than a “blog.”

And even though I’m steering this journal in different direction, I’m planning to leave all of the old posts online.

Here is a detailed description of what I’ve done to the site so far:

  1. I’ve substantial cosmetic changes to the journal. I’ve changed the header graphic and the main text font to one that I believe is more readable. And I’ve made minor tweaks of the display styles.
  2. I finally managed to restore the posts that I accidentally deleted in September. This includes everything from 24 July 2005—Canal City Kids—through to Four Petty Fictions on 7 July 2006, about fifteen posts. My apologies for taking so long to fix things. Suffice to say that life has been happening, and much of that has been without broadband. If you haven’t read Four Petty Fictions yet, I—and some of the characters in them—highly recommend that you do. Here’s the full list of deleted-then-restored posts.
  3. As noted, I’ve upgraded my backend software. For those who want technical details, I’ve finally made the move from WordPress 1.5.x to 2.x.
  4. The other major change is that I’ve moved the location of the journal to a directory called “journal.” The old location was—for reasons that used to be explained in the About Page—called “bog.” I then changed the location to a directory called “blog” for about 24 hours but then realized that doing so while referring to the site as a “journal” didn’t make much sense. Don’t worry about your bookmarks, though. The web server elves should automagically redirect any old bookmarks from the /bog file system to the new /blog file system. If not, please let me know.