A Cycling Milestone

Today we made a day trip to Hiroshima and back. We toured through the A-Bomb Memorial Museum in the morning and then visited Miyajima, which is famous for the huge toriii in the sea. I’ll write about the trip once I’ve had some sleep and some time to organize the photos. In the meantime, here’s a snippet of data about my neglected cycling life.

I don’t often pay obsessive attention to my biking statistics. Usually I simply scroll through the numbers on my cyclocomputer and think “that’s nice,” then promptly forget about them. A couple of weeks ago I happened to glance at the display on my odometer shortly after it counted up past 3000km. It was almost nine months to the day since I had received the bike from the internet shop I’d bought it from. That works out to about 330km per month. I was pleased to reach the 3000 mark, but a little disappointed in myself for not biking as much as I’d originally hoped to.

Why was my average disappointing? Given my 7km daily work commute, it means that I’ve been riding an average of less than 50km per week outside of commuting. I’d originally hoped to do at least 100km per week. Plus commuting. These days I seem to spend my time blogging about riding instead of in the saddle.