All About the Bog

Today I wrote up a guide to this blog, including a brief bio, an explanation of why it’s called “the Bog,” and a wealth of other information on important links, searching, comments and suchlike. Enjoy: Everything you didn’t know you wanted to know about the Bog so couldn’t ask.

Edited to note that as of December 2006, references to this blog as “the Bog” are no longer accurate. See the Info section of this site for accurate information about this site.

2 thoughts on “All About the Bog

  1. I’ve always liked peat bogs, especially the one at Waskesiu. I like how they are a bit spooky, tending to swallow things up for centuries. They also provide useful materials that are good at absorbing excess moisture, like sphagnum used in feminine hygeine products. (not to infer that your entries do anything metaphorically similar… do they?) Thanks for providing the etymology, especially the bp nichol connection. It sort of describes how I came up with “pu pu pomengranate,” but I didn’t realize it until now. (lu lu lemon, bu bu banana, pu pu pomengranate)… “pu pu pomengranate greeting cards, the obverse of hallmark.” sounds like something to emerge from a bog. hmmmm…

  2. Yeah, any time I think of the word “bog” I get images of the Boundary Bog in my head. I may have to head up there this summer.

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