Vive le Chien Libre!

Last Saturday I went out on foot to explore parts of our neighbourhood which I hadn’t seen before, or had only passed through at night. Usually I bike along major roads at relatively high speeds.

The plum trees have started to bloom in Yomiya Park. There were election trucks patrolling and propagandizing. I was reminded of how much strange stuff there is in this country, and that I don’t have to go very far to find it. If anyone wants, I’d be happy to upload some plum photos. Or the Popeye Beauty Salon. Or a video clip of an election campaign truck with its loudspeakers blasting. I also found hope and peace, for a less than 300 yen each. Just ask.

In the mean time, you’ll have to be content with this shop sign:

Dog Liberty, Tobata

The sign inspired the title of this post. For those of not familiar with Canadian political history, here are a couple of links that will provide a bit of context:

If you’re searching for hidden meaning in this image, there isn’t any. But for those of you who insist that the truth is out there, I’d recommend that you set the mood by putting on some music by Mark Snow before reading further. All set? Good. Consider the Chinese zodiac. 2006 will be the next year of my sign. Now consider that last Friday I signed the papers confirming my decision not to recontract for a third year here. Coinicidence? Or psychic phenomenon?

Vive le chien libre indeed.