Darling Baby

In most countries I’ve spent any significant amount of time in—read that as very few—children, and especially babies, are to a certain extent fashion accessories. Japan is no different, and sometimes a bit more extreme than what we’re used to in North America. Today’s featured creature is the object (or is that subject?) of someone’s overdeveloped mothering complex.

The two photos in question are from the sports day held at Jarrod’s school in May. I’ll lead off with two ladies fussing over the precious dear child in her stroller. I don’t think they’re adjusting the oxygen tank. Though if that was me in there, I’d feel claustrophobic enough to need supplemental air.

photo of two women fussing over an infant in a stroller

Holy hound-dog in a handcart, batman! That’s no human child.

photo of the precious little canine child substitute

Isn’t she pwecious in her widdle straw hat and pink bow? I guess a leash would be too common for her majesty’s regal neck. Perhaps she would like some brioche?