Tea Time

A couple of weeks ago I mentioned cycling through southeastern Fukuoka. Tonight I’m a bit pressed for time so I’m only posting one photo and what I foresee as very little commentary.

This is a photo of some tea farms—or are they plantations?—in the hills between Ukiha City and Hoshino Village in southeastern Fukuoka. I was about halfway up the 8-or-so-kilometres of switchbacks that led to the top of the mountain pass, and had just resumed the climb after having replaced a blown-out inner tube when I took this picture.

photo of tea farms in the hills between Ukiha City and Hoshino Village

I could probably talk about the different methods of growing Japanese tea—how some varieties are covered in black fabric for parts of the growing cycle—or the harvest of the new tea, or how most of the rows of tea bushes looked like freshly trimmed hedges because of said harvest. Or that Hoshino Village and the neighbouring Yame region is famous in Fukuoka—and possibly the rest of Japan—for its tea. But it’s late and I’m too sleepy to do the research I don’t have the time or energy to give more than the barest glimpse of the fascinating subject of green tea.

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  1. This picture reminds me the tea plantation in Registro,Brizil. What do you think? Is there any similiarity? Thama’s grandfather invented a harvest tea machine. a small trackter one can drive through and cut the top of the tea leaves. Do you know that?

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