Warning: Dangerous Sign Interpretation

I had a completely split-up, interrupt-driven day, filled with schedule changes and miscommunications. But you probably don’t want to hear about it, or the fabulous time I had with Lia this evening, preparing our UK visa applications. Plus, I don’t want to relive the experiences by writing about them further. Consider yourselves lucky that I’ve instead chosen to start posting photos of my interpretations of road signs.

One of the joys of having a twisted sense of humour is that I can make up totally random explanations for ordinary things that I encounter. Here’s a case in point.

I took this photo in the hills of Kokura-minami. I can’t read the Japanese characters but I can deduce the meaning from the graphic on the sign: Car may skid out of control in the absence of a driver.

photo of Japanese 'without a driver, car may skid out of control' sign