Return to Art Practice

After a 9-year hiatus—what I refer to as my “art retirement”—I started making art again in mid-October 2021 and have been engaged in a daily practice since then. My initial intention was simply to see if I enjoyed the creative process, since part of the reason I went on hiatus was because there was no joy anymore. TL;DR: there is joy.

I have been doing fairly simple spot illustration-style pieces in Adobe Illustrator, reminiscent of my Incidentals series (series 1, series 2) and it has been a lot of fun. If you’re curious about what they look like, I’ve posted a selection below. If you want to see more, head over to twitter, where I’ve been posting them daily: @edpas_.

Random Quadrupeds

Chonky Bug People

Somewhat Creepy Cat People

I may eventually get around to posting them in my portfolio section.

I will be releasing an NFT collection at some point.