Bovine Pilicular Achromatitis

The recent wave of long posts have taken their toll so I’m going to return to writing about one-part posts until I recover. But don’t worry, this condition is just a by-product of laziness and isn’t related to exposure to diseased ruminants.

Do you remember our trip to the volcano-rich Aso area of Kumamoto? If not, please read the second paragraph of my horse archery post so I don’t have to retype it.

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Kokura Spring 2005 Fashion Report, Day 4 Part 2

Continuing from yesterday’s post of pictures from May 5—today’s are from the same day—we’ll work our way back through the arcades near Kokura station and finish up at Riverwalk. We’ve got moms and daughters—two sets!—as well as a bit of navel gazing, someone who appears to have given up his worldly possessions for a higher purpose, and the usual short skirts. Thankfully, this is the final installment of my five-part series on this year’s spring fashions in Kokura.

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Kokura Spring 2005 Fashion Report, Day 4 Part 1

First, a confession. Because Lia knew that I’d finished writing this fashion report and then serialized it, she demanded to immediately read it through to the end. This is an exclusive privilege limited to people who don’t yell at me too much for filing my tax returns late have physical access to my computer so the rest of you will have to wait. But that’s just backstory.

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Kokura Spring 2005 Fashion Report, Day 3

I’m sure you’ve all been wondering what a dog, an incognito Marvel superhero, and the sacred feminine have in common. The answer is: Green Day in Kokura!

Friday April 29th marked the start of Golden Week, a series of civic holidays that are very close together. The rest of the Golden Week holiday was the Tuesday through Thursday of the following week. We also took the Monday and Friday off, and had a ten-day weekend. April 29th is Green Day, named in honour of an American rock band.

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Breaking News: Fire

Your regularly-scheduled Kokura Fashion Report has been pre-empted by curling NHL Playoffs for a news flash about grade-school antics in the House of Commons the neighbourhood fire that woke us up at around 4:30 this morning. Apologies in advance if there are typos, grammar mistakes, and sentences that stop mid-thought. I’m tired and haven’t had a chance to read through this very thoroughly.

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Kokura Spring 2005 Fashion Report: Introduction

I had a request for a fashion report, so here it is. I did random street photography in Kokura over a period of three weeks this year starting on April 16, and ending on May 4. For the most part, I did the camerawork while on errands with Lia or Jarrod. Or sometimes with both of them.

I was originally going to make this one long post, but it took on a life of its own. Unlike the saga of my Kitakyushu bike ride, however, it’s not quite dissertation-length. I started out with 34 images, then added a few more for a total of about 58. So I’ve split it into posts based on the dates I took the pictures. There’s today’s long overview followed by five pages of photos.

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Rural Kitakyushu: Nishi Ono Hachiman Shrine, Part 4

The saga is coming to an end. This is the last installment about Nishi Ono Hachimangu, and unless I run out of other things to write about, it’s the last post about my April 30th bike trip through parts of rural Kitakyushu. We’ll look at some small outlying buildings and altars, as well as the forest setting of this shrine in one of the farming areas of Kokura-minami.

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