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Photo strategy

Today I was planning to upload a bunch more photos with strange English but the day caught up with me. So instead of posting an omnibus edition of pictures, I’m going to do them a few at a time. Stay tuned for Arty Farty, Colon Booth, Beauty and Pain Clinic, and countless others.

Apartment Numerology

This started out as a rant about how cold it’s been lately. Yes, it is cold enough here for someone from Saskatchewan to be complaining about it. Anyway, my rant morphed into an explanation of Japanese Apartment Numerology. I got rid of the rant and left the numbers. But I’ll post my lovely rant as soon as I’ve finished it.

According to Japanese superstition, four is an unlucky number for housing. Fourth floor, apartment number four, etc. Anyone who’s looked closely at our address will see where this is going. Those who don’t know our address, keep reading. All will become clear.

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I’m back

It’s hard to believe that my last entry was in May. Suffice to say that I got really busy. I’m not sure I’ll be updating regularly, but that’s what the announcement list is for. If you haven’t already signed up, please do so at this link. You’ll be sent a notification email whenever I add a new entry.

I’m planning to migrate this weblog to new software as soon as my web host gets its act together and finishes a few upgrades. Or else I’ll be migrating to new software at a different hosting provider. In any case, the combination of motivation and time means that I’ll be posting stuff despite the changes in the works.