Apologies for the title. As a piece of writing it’s plain, unexpressive, and utterly lacking in imagination. Though I’m sure the subject—England—will be more interesting, as are our plans there. Would you expect anything less from news that’s interrupting food week?

It’s official. We’ll be heading off to the UK in September, after a four- to eight-week stopover in Canada at the end of the summer. After our JET contracts finish at the end of July we’ll return to Saskatchewan. I may even have time to go stomping around in a northern bog. We’re hoping to get out to Toronto at some point, too. Perhaps while we’re in transit to England.

Why England? Graduate school! Lia will be starting a Master of Arts in Devised Theatre at Dartington College of Arts in Devon, England. From what I can tell, the program and location are anything but staid and boring.

The closest market town to Dartington, at a distance of approximately 3 miles, is Totnes. Totnes is between the cities of Exeter and Plymouth, and southeast of the Dartmoor, well, moor. The area is part of Devon, in what is known as “the West Country,” and is said to be the warmest, sunniest part of all England. I’d hope so, considering the area is in the southernmost part of the British Isles. Weather bragging rights don’t matter much to me. After all it is England. I’d expect a lot of rain, fog, mist, and the like anywhere in Britain. But especially in a place wedged between a moor and the sea. As long as there are central heating, bike-friendly roads, and access to fresh herbs I should be fairly content. It’s three-and-a-half hours by train to London, I’ve heard. This sums up my knowledge of the region. If anyone has further information, we’d be happy to hear from you. Either post in the comments thread or use the contact form.

Here’s a map. You can click on it for a slightly larger version.

map of UK, showing the location of Dartington

I got the basic map from multimap.com. Their browsable map with Dartington at the centre is here: map of the United Kingdom, centred on Dartington. You can zoom in and out, and if you’re zoomed in close enough, you can see a satellite photos of the location in your map window.

And remember, folks. That’s Dartington with a “T,” not Darlington with an “L.” Much as I like the great outdoors, I have very little interest in living in an Ontario provincial park east of Oshawa.

5 thoughts on “England

  1. Love your bogs. Especially the one on Borcht. It keeps me from going crazy while correcting exams.

  2. Hi Ed,
    I was born and raised in the West Country of England. It’s my home stomping grounds. What do you want to know?

  3. Congratulations to Lia on her acceptance.
    Please visit Torquay which is nearby — the location of “Fawlty Towers” of John Cleese fame.

  4. Congratulations Lia (and Ed and Jarrod) – how wonderful! After my father’s retirement, my parents lived in Winchester where my father was dean of a Japanese women’s college affiliated with the university there, and also chaplain of a Japanese school in Guiildford, south of London.
    The UK is especially beautiful in the spring and anywhere in the south is quite bucolic. You will all have a great time. Blessings on your decision!
    Margaret and Carly (who is lobbying for a visit to England next!)

  5. Japan certainly has not dampened your great literary style, Ed. Love your updates. Long ago, when we were touring in England, I do seem to recall palm trees in Plymouth – weather cannot be all that terrible for them to survive.

    Congratulations again, Lia, on getting the program that you had at the top of your list.

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