New Series: Incidentals

In the summer of 2007 I started a new series called Incidentals, which was a departure from the lush textured digital images that I had created in my Encounters series. The images are quirky and fun. Below is the full gallery of 16 images, complete with titles.

As I mentioned in an earlier post,

Incidentals is an attempt to break out of the creative funk that has been hanging over my Transit and Transience series. I decided to take a bunch of the strange quirky creatures and beings that I’ve been drawing recently, and do them up as simple studies. They have a very graphic style that harks back to the illustrations I was doing in the mid- to late 1990s.

Although I had originally planned to print them in editions of 30, I ended up reducing the edition size significantly. They are 5.5″ square and printed in editions of 5 (plus one artist proof of each image). If you’re in Saskatoon, they are available from Darrell Bell Gallery for only $135 each (framed). If you’re outside of Saskatoon and are interested in purchasing one or more of these prints, please contact me directly.

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