Back from the Dead (Again)

This is yet another long-overdue post. My life since joining the Mendel Art Gallery has been a little busy. Things are settling down a bit, which is part of the reason I have time to write this post. Plus I’ve gotten a few other projects mostly out of the way. Regarding the Mendel, shortly after I started as Communications Assistant I became Communications Coordinator, and did both jobs solo for about six months. Read on for a summary of what I’ve been doing.

The “other projects” alluded to above include, in roughly chronological order:

  • Nov 2007: attended the Visual Arts Summit in Ottawa, and wrote an article about it for the January 2008 CARFAC Saskatchewan Newsletter. I’ll be posting a copy of the article here soon.
  • Nov 2007: attended the ArtTomorrow Forum hosted by Plug In ICA in Winnipeg, and wrote an article about it for the January 2008 CARFAC Saskatchewan Newsletter. I’ll be posting a copy of the article here soon. Yes, I did feel a bit uneasy about having two 2500-word articles in a single issue of the newsletter.
  • Nov 2007: imported a car from the States. It’s a white and grey 2000 Subaru Outback wagon, and it’s awesome. Thanks, Brett!
  • March 2008: Survived a family road trip to Minneapolis and back over Easter. Visited with friends, bought a bunch of art equipment and supplies, went to the Walker Art Centre, missed a lecture by Ed Fella. Actually, aside from the final 300km the drive wasn’t too bad.
  • March 2008: editioned a series of 15 new small works which debuted at the grand opening of the new/improved/expanded Darrell Bell Gallery in March. The works are small, affordable, and fun. Unfortunately, none of the images are on the Darrell Bell Gallery website yet but I’ll be posting a gallery of the images to my portfolio. I put two images from the series on this blog post last year. If the link doesn’t take you straight to the Incidentals images, scroll down for the two pieces from the Incidentals series. The second image, which is listed on that page as no title yet is now titled wandering eye.
  • April 2008: revamped some of the back end of this site, including significant security upgrades to WordPress, and finally making the search engine work.
  • May 2008: finished Husk, my chapbook collaboration with Lia Pas. More to come about this one, but the launch and garden party is on June 18, 2008. At the time of this posting there’s more information on the JackPine Press website. My original announcement of the project is here.

Posting here will still be intermittent. I’m hoping to get into a routine of posting at least once a week, but finding time to get into the studio is more of a priority for me than writing about needing to get into the studio. You can read my promises to “post something here soon” as meaning sometime over the next few weeks. We’re in the middle of an exhibition change at the Mendel right now, with the summer exhibitions opening on June 13. After that I get breathe easy for a couple of days.