Upcoming Appearances: February-March 2007

It seems that an artist can’t return from three years overseas without being pulled—willingly—into a vortex of activity. Here are the upcoming appearances me and/or my work will be making in the next few weeks: Feb 28 Fine Craft Auction in Saskatoon, March 3 Artist Talk in Saskatoon, a Naturopath’s Office in Calgary (from now until further notice), and a black ops “art dealership” in Saskatoon.

Feb 28: Fine Craft Auction in Saskatoon

I have two small pieces in a fundraising auction co-sponsored by the Saskatchewan Craft Council (SCC) and the Saskatoon Community Youth Art Program (SCYAP).

The auction will be held in Saskatoon at the Sheraton Cavalier Ballroom
612 Spadina Crescent East
Wednesday, February 28, 2007
Viewing 6:00-7:30pm
Auction begins at 7:30pm

Notwithstanding the strange taxation issues of donating artwork to fundraising auctions, I do in fact get a portion of the sale price of my pieces. But that’s another blog post—or some taxation lobbying—which I’ll leave someone else to deal with.

This will be the first time any of my work has been on the market in three years. With my recent focus on digital work, the number of available Ed Pas sculptures hasn’t been growing. As they say in the spam emails I never pay any attention to, “This is a ground floor opportunity!!!! Get in eerily monsignor before the others. May improve performance and add INCHES.” But seriously, the SCC and SCYAP both run great programs, so if you’re in a position to support them while having a great time acquiring a fine piece of art/craft—auctions are fun—then please do so. The proceeds of the auction go to fine craft education and youth arts programming.

Tickets are only $25 and according to the propaganda literature I’ve been provided with, that gets you complimentary wine and hors d’oeuvres. Tickets may be purchased at the SCC Office at 813 Broadway Avenue in Saskatoon or from the SCYAP office at 253 3rd Avenue South, also in Saskatoon. According to the SCC web site, you can also buy tickets using your VISA or Mastercard by calling call Nisha at 306.653.3616 ext. 21 (weekdays 1-5pm). In the interests of full disclosure I have to admit that I don’t get a commission ticket sales. Not a cent.

March 3: Artist Talk in Saskatoon

I am giving a short, informal talk about my work and digital art practices at Paved Arts in Saskatoon. I’ve written a long post about the talk here. Hope to see you there.

Naturopath’s Office in Calgary

My sister-in-law—Dr. Amy Hiebert, BSc, ND—is starting practice as a Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine in Calgary. She has just opened an office—Eucrasia Naturopathics—at 2135A 33rd Ave SW, (403) 249-1860. As soon as I’m done writing blog posts and art project proposals I have to finish designing her letterhead and business cards. Yes, I know I don’t officially do design work any more, but she’s family. As they say in Japanese, shoganai. (Which loosely translates as “it can’t be helped.”)

Her office is hosting three of my wall reliefs: The Incandescent Leaves, View from the Eye of the Storm, and Wind and Water: Spreading the Seeds of Renewal. All of these pieces are for sale.

If you know anyone in the Calgary area who has ailments that could be treated by an enthusiastic young ND—especially if they might *cough* want to buy a wall sculpture by yours truly *cough*—send them to Dr. Amy. Unfortunately, I doubt she can treat my self-promotion-induced throat problems.

Black Ops “Art Dealership” in Saskatoon, Date TBA

Well, “dealership” isn’t really a word that is used in fine art circles, except among artist-bloggers looking for a sensationalist narrative hook. And having operated publicly for a number of years the Darrell Bell Gallery can hardly be called “black ops.” But the fact that I am now represented in Saskatoon by this fine establishment has been until recently cause for much whispering in secret corridors fairly privileged information. The explanation for this lack of “Ed on streetcorners celebrating the news by giving out postcards of paintings of licorice pipes to passerby in bowler hats” is that the temperature hasn’t been above -20°C in what seems like forever until I give them some of my work, the gallery can’t really represent me very well. But I’ll be remedying this in the coming days and will make an official announcement once everything is, erm… official.