I Have Guts

The phrase “I have guts” has a fairly narrow range of meaning. A few weeks ago I would have understood the expression to mean that the person was claiming to be strong, brave, or both. Having recently returned to Canada, and seen vast numbers of obese people—but that’s another post—the phrase lends itself to alternate interpretation.

Is the having of guts the abdominal equivalent of multiple chin syndrome? Does it involve ruminants and their four (or three) stomachs? Is it the cry of the fishmonger whose only remaining stock is entrails?

Yes, these options did go through my mind as I looked at today’s picture. But I think it’s safe to go back to the original interpretation of strength.

photo of Japanese laundry detergent

This is laundry detergent, specially formulated for work clothes. I can’t read all of the characters, but what I can understand tells me that this formula is good for washing out petroleum-based oil stains, and is ok in cold water.

You can barely see its shelf neighbours, but on the left is the edge of what appears to be detergent for women’s office clothes, and on the right is a gentle liquid laundry soap.

And in the Japanese “-up” tradition which brought us the expressions “level up,” “manner up,” “skill up,” and more, the text in the red starburst in the top left corner of our BiG POWER laundry box? 洗浄力アップ means “Washing Power Up.”