Ukiha Dippers

I took the day off today so that I could do some more moving prep. So instead of a long rambling post, I only have time for a photo and caption. This time it’s from a shrine I neglected to write down the name of, in Ukiha in the southeast corner of Fukuoka.

Here are a couple of water dippers at the shrine’s purification fountain. I really like the colour of the freshly-cut bamboo, and the red reflection in the water.

water dippers at a hillside shrine in Ukiha

The shrine was about three-quarters of the way up a hill that was planted with peach orchards, overlooking grape orchards and tea plantations. There were a lot of stairs—I’d guess over a hundred, and probably closer to one hundred and fifty—and every few stairs there was a red torii gate. It was almost like walking through a crimson tunnel.

As I said, I don’t know the name of the shrine, but at some point I’ll look it up again on my map and try to decipher the kanji. I’ll also post some photos of the stairway, as well as some views of the hillside. Eventually.