Bicycle Poetry

Apologies in advance for the briefness of this post, but I’m being forced by the organized member of the family into living up to the duties of someone who will be moving to another continent in less than a month.

Today I have, for your entertainment, edification, and reading pleasure, three found poems, discovered on bicycles in the bike shelter next to our building.

Poetry on bikes—and other vehicles—is not uncommon here. It was a bit surprising to find this much poetry in one small shelter, but not extremely so. I’ll start with overview photos, which show all or most of each bike, followed by detail shots of the chain guards. So here, without further ado, are the three bicycles in question.

Potato (abandoned): This bike has been sitting in the exact same place for a couple of months. Both tires are flat and the plastic bag on the seat is gradually disintegrating. It think it’s only a matter of time before it’s added to the pile of derelict bikes which inhabits a nearby corner of sidewalk.

potato bicycle, overview

Milk looks like it’s still in use.

milk bicycle, overview

Only One: This is a bit backlit. The bike is actually a deep purply black colour. Note the reddish diamond on the chain guard.

only one bicycle, overview

Next, the detail photos.

potato bicycle, detail

the record breaker, leading the play, star of the game.
knows training, strength and discipline.
Everyone’s Hero!

I may be the first to have wondered about the metaphor comparing a sports hero to a starchy tuber.

milk bicycle, detail

Fashionable Milk
Nature in rural districts is indeed beautiful.
The colour of the sky and the hues of foliage
are quite different from those you see in
a town. Designed by Syowa

Typographers will note that the “y” in Syowa is actually an upside-down and backwards “h.” And that they could have broken the lines slightly differently to separate the design credit from the poem.

This last is quite serene and can speak for itself.

only one bicycle, detail

Only One
My mind is relaxed.
An orthodox

3 thoughts on “Bicycle Poetry

  1. Dear Ed,

    Much as I have come to enjoy your posts and
    respect your views, it is necessary that I tell you – to dismiss the esteemed potato as a starchy tuber is just so very wrong. Had I time I would submit a brief lecture on the nutritional density of the potato, the varieties of potato, and the potato’s position as a staple in the diet of people connected with the soil.

    I’ll let you know if you hurt the feelings of any of my other favourite vegetables.

    I love the red bike.

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