Not a Street Sign, But Just as Fun

Here’s another one from archives of the Department of Questionable Signs. Not a road sign, though. And not my misinterpretation, either.

This one’s from a shop in Kokura. I especially like the well-placed ellipsis. I think that last item on the design shop list is to give women a convincing argument when dragging their husbands into the store.

Sign from a design shop in Kokura. Got beer?

“C’mon, honey. I’ll just look at the furniture and clothes. They’ve got beer…”

For those of you who are less obsessive than I am about typography, here’s a definition of ellipsis, courtesy of Adobe:

Ellipsis: A punctuation character consisting of three dots, or periods, in a row. It indicates that a word or phrase has been omitted.

Makes me wonder what they left off that list…