Housekeeping and Random Gifts

I have some questions for my readers today, a repaired post, and a chance for you to win yummy prizes.


Creepy Crawlies
Today I noticed a coding error that was hiding most of the descriptive text on my creepy crawlies post. You might want to go back and read the part after the photo.

Post Frequency
I tend to spend a lot of my time online so I get irritated when my favourite bloggers miss a day, which is why I’ve been trying to make sure I post daily. Do you like updates every day? Would you prefer longer, more detailed posts every few days? What about weekends?

Post Content
What do you guys want to read about? See something in a post that you’d like more detail about? Sick of the constant nattering about Engrish and want to see more photos of “traditional” Japan? I’ve got lots of blog fodder but feedback will help me prioritize.

Mailing List
Related to post frequency is the mailing list. I’m toying with the idea of upgrading my mailing list software to add an option for a digest. Right now all subscribers get each and every announcement email as I send it. A digest option would allow you to get all the announcements for the period in a single handy email, probably every few days or every week. What I’d like to know is whether there’s interest in a digest and if so, how often would you like it? If there’s not much interest, I probably won’t go to the trouble of upgrading. With the digest feature installed, you’ll still have the option of receiving the individual messages as they go out.

Random Gifts

I want to try a bit of an experiment in getting people to give me feedback on my posts, since there seem to be a lot of lurkers. Yes, starting next week, participation on the comment threads or by email will be randomly rewarded. I’ve been stocking up on various snacks and treats with the intent of randomly sending bribes gifts to wherever my readers hail from. Passionfruit Kit-Kat bars? Green Tea Fran (cookie sticks coated in green tea flavoured chocolate)? Ooit citrus mint candies? Pictures to come.

No need to send me a snailmail address though. I’ll contact the lucky winner(s) privately.

Contact about any of the above items can be done through the comment form on individual posts. If you’re not comfortable posting your words to the public internet, you can fill out the contact form over here, which sends an email directly to my inbox where it will stay private.

9 thoughts on “Housekeeping and Random Gifts

  1. Chris, I read it occasionally, But I usually scan for various blog updates in my RSS reader. You don’t have a feed so I only visit as often as I remember to check through my blogs-to-read bookmarks, which lately hasn’t been often.

  2. Hi Ed

    I would like to see more photos of Japan. And as for your messages. I am open to having them arrive whenever you send them. I like short and sweet regular messages and enjoy the occasional longer messages but mainly just enjoy hearing from you whenever you get a chance to write and send them. I have only recently found out about your blog via Marilyn St. Marie and am enjoying your emailings. May you all be keeping well and happy. Cheers, Melvaa

  3. Lurking is underrated and misunderstood! After some of those posts, there isn’t necessarily anything clever (left) to say. As for feedback: I don’t need the constant emails to tell me you’ve posted something new, unless it’s been a year since your last post. I love the photos, and am quite enjoying your choice of topics. Have you thought of more personal content, like photos of yourself, friends, family, workplace, foldup bicycle? Someone asked me if you are still wearing your hair short/bald? I have no idea! How has lia adjusted to a year and a half of business-woman garb? Have you been to Japanese baths or hot springs? Are there new-agey Japanese doings!? What about fads? that green poop thing puts the spiral in spiral dragon. Next thing you know, it’ll be a new motif in your art. Speaking of which, the art is a very nice highlight of the bog.

  4. I don’t mind people lurking. I know that there are a lot of people who prefer to do so. I lurk on a number of sites. Several people have sent email directly to me rather than posting comments. At this point I’m simply trying to figure out whether what I’m doing is working for the people who read the blog. It’s generally working for me. I’ve been a bit concerned about the daily email broadcasts, though. Without feedback, I can’t tell whether their frequency is annoying people.

    As for the random gifts, it’s an idea I’ve been toying with for months, with no real way to implement it. Now that I have a regular readership, I can proceed.

  5. I love the pics! And the interesting stories. I have really enjoyed the frequency, good procrastination technique!!! Under the assumption I’m one of your fave bloggers, I hope that you don’t get too frustrated when I don’t post every day 🙂 This is a really great blog that I read everyday. I find her hilarious!

  6. Hi Ed

    The frequency is fine, you’ve got me hooked so I read this all the time now.

    The alerts aren’t bad, but I don’t read them anymore, I just use my own bookmark to get to the top of your blog.

    Your blog is fun and quirky and clever and good-looking. Kinda like you.

    My blog is dying a slow death due to all the time I’m spending painting.

    More soon,

  7. Like James, I no longer even bother reading the alerts. I now click links to your blog and his whenever I check my email. It’s got me thinking about starting my own blog. Any tips for the neophyte? I don’t even know where to get started.
    And to James: I’m so happy you’re painting, but the blog deserves to live!

  8. James, can you send me a link to your blog, even if it is dying a slow death. And I’m jealous that you’re painting all the time but don’t stop on my account. Blogging takes an entirely different kind of creative energy, so it’s been my main outlet lately. I look forward to having the mental space to work on my art on a more regular basis. And I’d like to see what you’ve been working on.

    Sonya, you might want to email Chris, since my blog involved a bunch of custom configuration on my web server and I think his is simply a blogging service that is easy to sign up for. If you don’t have his address, Chris’ link is on my main page under “Friends & Neighbours”

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