Ogopogo Redux

Just a quick post today as I’m working on my pictorial guide to Kitakyushu.

While out doing errands on the weekend, I had an experience that made me wonder if I should start wearing my tinfoil hat again. Less than a week after my Ogopogo post, Lia and I saw the beast again. Makes me wonder if someone with access to a large-balloon-animal factory has been spying on my blog.

Conspiracy theories aside, here’s the latest sighting. This time in Riverwalk Kitakyushu. Not a stone’s throw from Freshness Burger. And yes, that’s Kokura Castle in the background. Makes me wonder what manner of vile creatures are cohabiting with the koi in the moat.

Ogopogo, as seen by foreign English teacher at Riverwalk Kitakyushu

This time the famous lake monster has a partner-in-crime and is incognito, but unmistakable. If that link doesn’t work, try here.

Not only is the truth out there, it’s truly frightening. That there really is an eatery called Freshness Burger—and that we’ve eaten there—is scary beyond words. As are their prices. They have good, though expensive, wedge fries. And you’ve gotta wonder about a place where an overpriced chicken burger is cheaper than a cup of tea.